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We're More Than Just A Computer Store!

We make computer repairs easy. Whether it’s a hard drive failure or some sort of malware, we can fix it. With skilled technicians totaling over 75+ years of combined skills and knowledge in the I.T. industry, we have the tools and
know-how to get the job done right.

More Than Just A Computer Store!

Repair and Trouble Shooting

Sure, we sell new computer systems and we also repair them. So, what happens when something goes wrong? Are warranties documented? Can you get the answers you need? Don’t waste time – bring your system to us. It doesn’t matter which brand you have or where you bought it, we can fix it and fix it right the first time! One of the biggest problems we see these days is something called “Spyware” programs.

These sneaky programs silently download on your computer while surfing the Internet. You don’t know they’re running until your computer system starts doing things it didn’t do before – or it prevents any use at all. Sometimes booting up becomes the problem. We have the fix and we even have quality software that will protect you from further spyware attacks.

DIRECTECH On-site Support

The area’s only 24 hour on call support.
Our Place or Yours!

Technical Support Prices

On Site Service and Repair

$125.00 per hour (1 hr. Minimum)

In Shop Service and Repair

$105.00 per hour (0.5 hr. Minimum)

5 Hrs. Block Time

$525.00 + tax (Pre-Paid)

10 Hrs. Block Time

$1050.00 + tax (Pre-Paid)

Hardware Diagnostic & Repair

$105.00 per hour

Telephone Support

$105.00 per hour (0.25 hr. Minimum)


$75.00 per hour


$0.55 per mile